3 Problems Your Roof Could Experience in the Rain


RoofAs the winter storms hit, this is the time you will notice the damage that may be the cause of either tiles that have cracked, lifting of tin that has warped getting further damage in the gusty winds.

If your concerned about the state of your roof, it is a very good idea to get it inspected so that it is safe and secure before the winter season can cause bigger problems to your home. Small leaks can cause big problems underneath the roof making its way to the inside of your home.

Damaged Roof the Problems That Arise

  1. Lifting Tin
  2. Cracked Tiles
  3. Mortar Cracked

1. Lifting Tin

Lifting Tin will get worse as windy conditions arise and causes water to get underneath and makes its way to your ceiling underneath creating water spots and patches.

2. Cracked Tiles

Cracked tiles that are broken will be an entry point for water to make its way into the ceiling underneath that can cause water makes on the inside of the ceiling. A process of re pointing needs to be done for repair, a sealer needed to be applied to seal all your cracks and will breathe new life into your roof.

Re Pointing your roof will stop tiles being torn away in wild weather, water leaking into the cracked areas and will protect the bedding of your roof from becoming destroyed and having to be totally replaced.

sad roof tiles3. Mortar Cracked

Mortar cracks can be caused from broken tree branches in windy conditions and rain cause water leaking under tiles, leaving crevices for rodents to enter your home. Left untreated this can cause more breakage to the surrounding tiles and problems entering under the tiles surface.

Need your Roof Inspected?

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