3 Reasons to Have Your Tiled Roof Restored


Lovely roof tilesWhen it comes to restoring your roof, there are several reasons why it’s a worthwhile investment. People often assume the cost would be out of their budget, however having your tiled roof restored is a cost-effective way to keep your roof in top condition. After all, your roof has a vital role to play in providing shelter and protection to you and your family plus safeguarding your home.

Whether you have a metal or tiled roof, both should be restored approximately every 10 years. While there are many benefits of having your tiled roof restored, read on to learn 3 reasons it’s a great idea including:

  • Improve the street appeal of your home
  • Identify and repair minor damage
  • Increase the value and interest when selling

Improve the street appeal of your home

Part of the roof restoration process includes having your roof professionally painted. Whether a fresh coat in the existing colour or a complete colour change, a freshly painted tiled roof will breathe new life into your roof and improve the overall appearance of your home. Make your home stand out from the crowd in your street for all the right reasons with a professional roof restoration.

Identify and repair minor damage

ROOFWEST Roof RestorationCracked tiles are one of the most common types of damage on a tiled roof. As the full surface area of your roof is not easily visible from the ground, most homeowners aren’t aware their tiled roof is damaged until issues arise. Having minor damages identified and repaired before they become extensive is certainly more affordable than extensive repairs such as a full structural replacement.

Increase the value and interest when selling

In today’s competitive housing market, buyers and renters are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a home. Having your tiled roof professionally restored can increase the asking price when selling your home will allow your home to stand out from the crowd and give an instant visual attraction to potential buyers increasing your chances of a quicker sale. 

Have your tiled roof professionally restored today with RoofWest Roof Restorations

ROOFWEST Roof Restorations have been servicing all over the South West and Greater Southern Regions with their knowledge and experience for 35 years. Professionally trained and experienced in all components of roof restoration, gain peace of mind your roof will be restored to the highest possible standard.

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