3 Signs Your Gutters Need Replacing


Gutter needs repairKeeping your gutters clean is important to ensure they function correctly. When cleaning your gutters, it’s important to also take note of any damage. While some guttering damage can be repaired, depending on the age of your gutters and the extent of the damage, replacing your gutters may be the best option.

If you notice damage to your gutters, call a professional roofing business like Tom and the team at RoofWest Roof Restorations. RoofWest can remove and replace your damaged gutters with new COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® guttering. You will be surprised how quickly your new guttering can be fitted.

Read on to learn 3 signs your gutters need replacing including:

  • Rust, holes or cracks in the gutter material
  • Your gutters have separated
  • Mould and mildew

Rust, holes or cracks in the gutter material

Rust, holes or cracks in the gutter material indicates the guttering needs to be replaced. Your whole homes guttering may not need to be removed and replaced, rather just the length of guttering that the rust, holes or cracks is on.

Your gutters have separated

If large spaces are evident where gutters should be joined it means your gutters have separated. Water will flow through this space and over the side of your gutters. When this occurs it normally means the damage is beyond repair and the gutters need to be replaced.

Mould and mildew

Gutters by RoofWestMould and mildew can be present on guttering. If noticed when it first appears, it can often be removed. However, if left it will continue to grow and can spread to the base of your homes foundations and the ceiling of your outdoor area. If this occurs, it normally indicates it is best to replace your gutters.

RoofWest Roof Restorations are your guttering specialist in Bunbury and the South West

If your gutters are showing signs of damage, prioritise having them professionally inspected and repaired or replaced by ROOFWEST Roof Restoration. With over 35 years’ experience, ROOFWEST Roof Restoration are your trusted professionals, reliable and fully insured and will replace your guttering in Bunbury and the South West.

Call Tom and the team today on (08) 9795 9990 for a free quote.

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