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3 Ways Your Roof Can Get Damaged in Bunbury and the South West


sad roof tilesWhen the roof of your home gets damaged, it can cause major issues for you and your family.

Aside from the damaged roof being an eyesore and bad for your home’s value, something like cracked roof tiles can also affect the health of the people living underneath them. Damage to your roof can cause structural damage and cause rot and stains, or health hazards due to mould and mildew if something gets wet. (It can also be a very expensive situation to fix!)

Making sure your roof is safe and healthy is important, so you should be looking at getting a qualified roof inspection by experts at least twice a year. Here are 3 things that can cause roof damage for your home:

  • Exposure to Weather Conditions
  • Wear and Tear
  • Unsafe Behaviour

Exposure to Weather Conditions

Significant weather conditions are the biggest contributor to roof damage. Unlike other areas of your home, there is no way to cover up your roof or protect it from the weather – it is there to protect you. Often the exposure to extreme heat or cold, strong winds, rain, hail and other weather conditions will cause some damage to your roof.

Rusty RoofNow it is summer in Bunbury and the South West, the biggest issue for your roof will be the hot weather beating down on it. While it is true that you can’t control the weather, you can make sure it is inspected after any severe conditions (such as storms or strong winds) for any damage.

Wear and Tear

Older houses may be suffering from simply having an older roof. Home owners often restore the parts of the house that they see on a daily basis – the kitchen, the front of the house, the bedrooms and the bathrooms – and then forget to take care of the roof. Depreciation is common and definitely a thing to keep in mind when considering your roof.

Out of sight, out of mind does not work when a roof is integral to the well-being of your house. You can save yourself from any costly repairs due to wear and tear by getting a roof restoration expert to regularly take care of your roof’s condition, improving it significantly without the expensive costs if it is left with a weakened outer layer.

Unsafe Behaviour

Your roof is not made for walking on.

A roof often will become damaged simply from someone playing around on it. Traffic is a less common issue than weather or age, but it is one that you should be mindful of. If you are doing maintenance or installing something on the roof (or hanging lights, given the season) you can cause damage to your roof.

Roof Restoration by RoofWestUnsafe behaviour doesn’t just refer to playing on the roof, however. Neglect is also an issue that can cause significant damage to your roof, and if you are not providing it with maintenance and care, it can result in many safety issues for your home.

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