5 Colour Schemes to Consider When Painting Your Home


Painted room by RoofWestAs the saying goes, everything old is new again and a fresh coat of paint can make your home look and feel new again. Deciding to paint your home will be a gift that keeps on giving. Many homes have a theme flowing through their home that gives it a certain look and feel. This theme can be achieved through décor, artwork and furnishings. An additional way to compliment your homes theme is by using colour combinations when painting your home.  

Read on to learn 5 colour themes to consider when painting your home including:

  • Moroccan
  • Warm
  • Beach
  • Country
  • Metallic


The combination of earthy brown tones plus certain tones of green and red make a great moroccan colour scheme. Whether just one room or your whole home is moroccan themed, it can really give an exotic look and feel.


Combining the colours grey, peach and yellow toned white can create a warm look and feel to your home. These shades are generally considered to be more traditional and work well whether on all walls, feature walls or on trims and accents in your home.


Bedroom PaintingWhite, blue and green work well together to create a beach colour scheme. Crisp white on the walls can be complimented with blue and green furnishings to give your home an open and bright beach or seaside vibe.


The right shades of green, beige and brown work well to give a rustic theme to a home. Choose one of these colours for your walls then use the other colours for window coverings, flooring and furniture to give your home a country look and feel.


An on trend and chic look for your home is using metallic colour combinations. Grey and gold tones can be used for feature walls and décor to add some glamour, style and sophistication to your homes colour scheme.

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