Tiled Roof Restoration with ROOFWEST Roof Restorations


Tiles applying Preparation TreatmentRestoring your roof surface is a vital step in maintaining your roof materials and prolonging the life of your roof. Ensuring your tiled roof is inspected and restored can save you money in the long run, as it identifies small cracks and damage before they become big problems. Engaging experts such as ROOFWEST Roof Restorations not only guarantees you high quality products and expert workmanship, it also fulfils insurance requirements and gives you peace of mind that you are taking correct steps to preserving the largest surface area of your home.

ROOFWEST Roof Restorations have a range of services to restore your roof to its former glory. It might be as simple as cleaning the moss from your tiles or it you might be looking for a complete re-roof to maintain your beautiful home and bring it back to life. With over 35 years’ experience in Bunbury and the South West and acting as Dulux Accredited Roof Coaters, Tom and the team have the know-how and skills to provide you with the right solution for your needs.

The Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrane coating system is a full restoration process that gives customers a 10-year materials warranty. The full roof restoration process for a tiled roof includes:

  • Inspection Repair/Replace
  • Clean
  • Re-Bed and Re-Point
  • Primer/Sealer
  • Application

Inspection Repair/Replace

The entire roof is inspected for damaged tiles, loose of missing cement and bedding, moss and lichen. Damaged tiles are replaced where possible.


Tiles-applying second topcoat 1Using a high-pressure cleaner, the roof is washed with water in a safe and environmentally aware manner.

Re-Bed and Re-Point

Ridge capping is re-pointed with a flexible acrylic pointing mix.


The entire roof area is sealed to ensure strong adhesion of the roof membrane coating. A range of speciality primers are available to suit specific conditions, which will be explained by your ROOFWEST Roof Restoration specialist.


Two coats of Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrane are applied to the roof surface, providing ultimate protection, durability and weather proofing.

Best Option For Tiled Roof Restoration in the South West?

ROOFWEST Roof Restorations will not only complete your roof restoration to the highest standard, their after sales and maintenance service is second to none. Phone Tom and the team today on 9795 9990 to arrange your free quote.

Photos courtesy of Dulux AcraTex

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