Brighten Up Your Home by Painting Your Roof


After repair by ROOFWESTA roof is constantly exposed to the elements – from the storms, rains and freezing temperature of winter to the sweltering heat and harsh UV rays in summer. That is why, as the years roll by, it in inevitable that the paint colour on your roof will fade. Hiring a trusted, experience professional to paint the roof of your home is a great way to brighten and improve the overall appearance of your home. When applied correctly, a new coat of paint gives a new lease of life to your roof surface.

The process of painting your roof is more than just applying a few coats of paint. Read on to discover more about what is involved including: 

  • Professional Roof Inspection 
  • High Pressure Cleaning and Repairs 
  • Application

Professional Roof Inspection

When deciding whether to paint your roof, contacting a roof specialist should be the first call you make. One of their team of specialists will come and inspect your roof, offer expert advice, discuss the options available, answer any questions you may have and provide a free quote. 

High Pressure Cleaning and Repairs 

Tiles-applying first topcoat 2To ensure a long-lasting quality finish, correct preparation before painting is crucial. The entire roof surface plus gutters and drainpipes are cleaned thoroughly using a high-pressure hose. This thorough clean ensures debris, sand, moss and dirt is removed plus ensures water can freely run through guttering and drainpipes. Any repairs like cracks or holes must also be repaired before painting.


The use of a superior quality product like Dulux Acra-Tex is a must. Dulux Acra-Tex is a flexible, breathable, eco-friendly paint coating that protects your roof from the harsh elements of the environment. ROOFWEST have an accredited licence to be able to apply the coatings of Dulux Acra-Tex, giving you peace of mind that a professional service will last you years to come. 

Wanting your Roof Painted? Call ROOFWEST Roof Restorations today 

With professional, trained experts and superior after sales service, ROOFWEST Roof Restoration are your trusted local choice in roof painting. Choosing ROOFWEST Roof Restorations not only guarantees high quality products and expert workmanship, but peace of mind you are using a reputable company with over 35 years’ experience.

Phone Tom and the team today on 9795 9990 for a free quote today.

Photos courtesy of Dulux AcraTex

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