Can I Do My Own Roof Repairs?


Roof restoration by ROOFWEST BunburyWhen it comes to roof repairs, inspecting and repairing a roof is a task many people assume they can do themselves. Right? Wrong! Another common assumption is that a roof doesn’t need to be inspected regularly as if it’s not leaking or visibly damaged, it must be in good working order. Right? Wrong! A roof plays a vital role in protecting you, your family and the assets inside your home. For this reason, it must be regularly inspected and any damage repaired.

Hiring a trusted, experienced professional to inspect your roof is best. Tom and his team at ROOFWEST Roof Restoration have 35 years industry experience and knowledge in all facets of roof inspections, maintenance and repairs and can provide a reliable assessment of your roof’s condition.

Read on to learn 3 reasons roof repairs should be done by a professional including:

  • Safety
  • Correct Materials, Tools and Equipment
  • Warranty and Insurance


When working on a roof, safety is the highest priority. It is often underestimated how dangerous working on a roof can be. Inspecting and repairing a roof involves working at heights and climbing up and down ladders. ROOFWEST team of professional roofers will complete roof repairs quicker than you would be able to. A roof repair is normally not a task that can be worked on a few hours here and there as if not completed in full, your roof can be left exposed and risk further damage.

Correct Materials, Tools and Equipment

Roofing by ROOFWESTWhen repairing your roof, if the wrong materials are used, your roof repair can fast become a costly and extensive task. The team of professionals at RoofWest have up to date and extensive industry knowledge of the best materials to use on all roofs. Using the correct materials ensures the job is completed correctly and your repairs will stand the test of time. When repairing a roof, a varying range of tools and equipment is needed. These items should only be operated by those trained to do so and can be serious safety risk if not used correctly. 

Warranty and Insurance

While each individual insurance policy and/or warranty differs, roof repairs may be covered under your home insurance or warranty. However, to be eligible to make a claim, many insurers and warranties will only consider claims where the roof repairs have been completed by a professional. Check your individual insurance policy and/or warranty for specific terms and conditions relating to your roof.

ROOFWEST Roof Restorations are your trusted roof specialists servicing Bunbury and the South West

With professional, experienced and fully trained staff, ROOFWEST Roof Restoration are your trusted local experts in roof repairs. Choosing ROOFWEST Roof Restoration guarantees high quality products, workmanship and peace of mind your roof repairs will stand the test of time.  

Phone Tom and the team today on 9795 9990 for expert advice and a FREE quote.

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