Can I Have My Metal Roof Painted?


Rusty metal roofStructurally you need your roof to be in good condition so it can function correctly. Visually you want your roof to look the best it can to boost the street appeal of your home. If you have noticed your metal roof is no longer as aesthetically pleasing, the answer is yes it can be painted.

When it comes to painting your roof, it is a job best left to a professional. RoofWest Roof Restorations are your Bunbury and South West roof specialists. With decades of experience, Tom and the team will ensure the correct preparation is done before painting your metal roof, plus quality workmanship using high quality products.

Read on to learn 3 reasons why your metal roof may need to be painted including:

  • Your Metal Roof is Fading
  • Your Metal Roof is Stained
  • The Existing Paint is Flaking

Your Metal Roof is Fading

If your metal roof has lost the vibrancy or depth of its existing colour, it is time to consider having it painted. Whether a fresh coat in the existing colour or a complete colour change, a freshly painted metal roof will restore the beauty and appearance of your home visually.

Your Metal Roof is Stained

Tin roofThere are many reasons why stains may appear on a metal roof including from rust, fungus and pollens. High pressure cleaning may be able to remove these stains however often the only way to conceal these stains is by painting over them.

The Existing Paint is Flaking

If the existing paint on your metal roof is flaking, it is time to consider having your roof painted. Flaking paint requires special preparation and work to ensure the flaking is removed so the new paint will adhere correctly.

Roof West Roof Restorations are your roofing specialists in Bunbury and the South West

If your metal roof needs a facelift, the team at Roof West Roof Restorations can help. Tom and the team are highly experienced and deliver a high standard of work using quality brands of products. Call Tom and the team at Roof West Roof Restorations for a FREE quote on having your metal roof painted on 9795 9990 today.

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