Can I Paint a Dark Wall a Lighter Colour?


Blue painted wallsWhen painting the walls of your home, the most pondered decision is normally choosing a colour. With an extensive range of colours in varying shades, it can be a decision that leaves homeowners spoilt for choice. If wanting a complete colour change, many people wonder if it is possible to paint a dark wall a lighter colour. The simple answer is yes however, there is a process to follow which must be done correctly.

Read on to learn 3 ways to ensure a quality finish when painting a dark wall, a lighter colour including:

  • Prepare the walls surface
  • Use a good quality primer
  • Apply multiple layers of high-quality paint

Prepare the walls surface

As with any paintwork, preparation is crucial for a quality finish. All painting equipment should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure there is no product build up or residue. The walls being painted should be washed thoroughly with a mild cleaning solution. Any large chips or holes in the wall should be patched up and filled in to make a smooth, even surface.

Use a good quality primer

Before the paint can be applied, the walls should be sealed correctly. When it comes to painting, quality is a must. Apply a good quality primer to help seal the walls surface. Multiple coats may be needed. Priming the walls will help to ensure an even colour coverage and any trace of the darker colour showing through the light colour once painted.

Apply multiple layers of high-quality paint

beautifully painted roomThe better quality the paint, the higher pigmented it is which means the better colour coverage on your walls. Multiple coats of paint will be needed for a complete colour change from dark to light. It’s important to allow each coat of paint to dry thoroughly before applying the next coat. If not, it can result in the dark colour underneath not being concealed correctly.

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