Can I Paint My Own Roof?


Coated Orange by ROOFWEST BunburyIs your roof in need of some TLC? If painting your roof is on your ‘to do’ list then it’s recommended to have this work completed by a roofing specialist. While many of us consider ourselves skilled enough to tackle our own home maintenance, when it comes to painting your roof this can be dangerous work that requires specialised equipment and knowledge.

Your roof has a vital role to play considering it makes up approximately 40% of your homes external surface and is an important part of your homes defence against the weather and other elements. Read on to learn 3 reasons why it’s best to have a professional paint your roof including:

  • Safety
  • Correct Application and Equipment
  • Product Knowledge


Working on a roof involves working at heights. This is dangerous work that should only be undertaken by those with the correct safety equipment and knowledge to do so. Roof painting usually involves working around existing items on a roof that can include antennas, solar panels and satellites. To protect these items and your safety it’s important to know how to work around these items too.

Correct Application and Equipment

To ensure the best quality finish and longevity when painting your roof, it’s important the roof paint is applied correctly using the appropriate equipment. A roofing specialist has the training, knowledge and experience in roof painting including the recommended manufacturers specifications for the best result. If the incorrect application or equipment is used, this could lead to future problems with your roof.

Product Knowledge

Coated Roof by ROOFWEST BunburyThere are many products available and to those untrained it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. A professional roofing company will know the right product for your roof and will take into consideration factors including your type of roof, your location and any environmental factors.  It is also important to ensure product knowledge extends to the correct way to store roof paint when not in use, to ensure safety and the quality of the product.

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