Who Can Repair My Leaking Roof?


Broken roof tilesHave the recent storms and bad weather of the South West winters left you with a leaking roof?

Do you have nasty dark patches on your white ceilings inside?

Have the winds peeled the tin back or flying debris cracked or moved some tiles?

You roof needs to be repaired, before the situation gets worse.

Small leaks lead to big problems so when your roof is damaged on the top, you can expect damage to follow through to the inside. This is not a job for the home handyman, as you will require safety equipment, correct tools and materials and you will not be covered by insurance should anything be faulty and the problem gets worse.

What happens in the roof repair process?

  • Quote and roof inspection
  • Paperwork
  • Job Completed
  • Clean up
  • After sales service

Re Pointing by ROOFWEST BunburyQuote and Roof Inspection

When you call ROOFWEST for a free quote to repair, or completely replace, your roof, you are assured of over 35 years of professional experience in the South West. One of our roofing specialists will attend your property, conduct a full inspection of your roof and supply you with a complete quote – no hidden costs or nasty surprises.


Once the quote has been accepted, ROOFWEST will assist in all paperwork for building permits and any other necessary documentation to be submitted to your local shire or council. Years of experience in the industry means the team are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Shire/Council requirements.

Job Completed

Once given the nod from your local shire and you are ready to proceed at your convenience, the ROOFWEST team attend the site and carry out the requested work, at all times staying in contact with you, the property owner, to ensure your satisfaction with the work done. ROOFWEST can also install additional features at this time, such as new insulation, skylights and ventilation, and can remove and replace guttering and down pipes as required.

Coated Orange by ROOFWEST BunburyClean Up

You can be assured that all ROOFWEST worksites are left cleaner than when the roofing specialists arrived. All old tiles, tin or iron from the old roof is removed and disposed of safely.

After Sales Service

The team at ROOFWEST offer comprehensive and extensive after sales service to all their clients. Being local ROOFWEST  is only ever a phone call or email away, any issues you have with your new or repaired roof will be addressed and rectified as soon as possible by our friendly staff.

Who Can Replace My Leaking Roof?

One word – ROOFWEST. Don’t let those little leaks, cracks or stains get any bigger and turn into a bigger, much more expensive problem. ROOFWEST services all areas throughout the South West and Great Southern Region. Call the team at ROOFWEST on 9795 9990 for a free onsite quote to get the process started today.

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