Does My Roof Have to Be Inspected Before Being Painted?


Roof restoration by ROOFWEST BunburyThere are many reasons why homeowners have their roof painted. Some may simply be to restore the appearance and aesthetics of their home while others may be to help ensure their roof functions the best it possibly can.

The task of having your roof painted begins well before the paint is applied. The first step that is recommended is to have your roof professionally inspected. Doing so can help to ensure the longevity of your roof and the life and value of your home.

Read on to learn why it’s strongly encouraged to have your roof professionally inspected before being painted including:

  • Trained and experienced professionals
  • Identify damage to your roof and gutters
  • Recommend any repairs required

Trained and experienced professionals

To perform a thorough roof inspection, it’s necessary to work at heights which should only be done by those with the correct equipment and safety knowledge to do so. A trained roofing professional has many years of experience in inspecting roofs and a trained eye of knowing what to look for. An untrained eye may miss identifying hidden damage.

Identify damage to your roof and guttering

Roof Inspected Before Being PaintedA professional roof inspection not only inspects your roofs surface, but your guttering too. The gutters on your home have a crucial role to play to prevent water from entering your home, therefore they are not to be missed in the roof inspection process. A professional roof inspection will identify general wear and tear plus any damage including broken, loose or missing tiles, missing or rusted nails or screws, broken or crumbling mortar, leaks, mould plus sagging and separating of guttering.

Recommend any repairs required

After a professional roof inspection, any identified damage and recommendations for repairs will be provided. Your roofing professional can provide a quote on the costs involved to have these repairs done. It is encouraged to prioritise roof repairs. Simply painting over the damage will not make the issues disappear. If left, roof damage can escalate and lead to extensive and costly repairs in the future.

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