Do My Gutters Need Replacing or Repairing?


Gutters by RoofWestWe all know the importance of cleaning out your gutters, but what about when they need to be completely replaced? How far is too far gone and what can be repaired without a full scale replacement? Older style homes will often need their aged guttering replaced and you should always employ a professional to complete this task, as housing standards, safety considerations and the provision of trade specific tools should be considered.

So how do you know if your gutters need replacing or just repairing?

  • Irreversible Damage
  • Parts Missing
  • Peeling Paint
  • Overflowing, Separating and Sagging
  • Mould and Mildew

Irreversible Damage

Gutter repairRust, cracks, splits or holes in the gutter material indicates the guttering needs to be replaced. The length of the damage along the gutter will determine the extent of how much needs to be removed and reinstalled.

Parts Missing

Have you noticed any screws or nails missing? Straps, clamps or fasteners coming loose or missing? This is a repair job. Call a professional in to repair the gutters and check for any further damage that can happen when small parts fall off.

Peeling Paint

If your paint is peeling from the metal of the gutters, it doesn’t signal major damage is afoot, however it can indicate that they need to be repainted and sealed to withstand the elements.

Overflowing, Separating and Sagging

If your gutters have huge spaces where they should be joined together and water is gushing through these separations and over the sides of the gutters, then they need to be replaced. Over time, gutters can become warped and start to sag and come apart. These lengths are usually damaged beyond repair and need to be replaced.

Gutters done by ROOFWESTMould and Mildew

Some degrees of mould and mildew can be removed with high pressure cleaning and possibly some form of cleaning agent. If that nasty black/green rash starts to spread along the base of the foundations of your home, across the ceiling of an outdoor area or around the outside of the gutter itself, the mould and mildew may have gotten out of control and the guttering will need to be replaced.

Do My Gutters Need Replacing or Repairing?

If your gutters are leaking, falling off or rusting through, it’s time to replace them and give your home a facelift. ROOFWEST will replace your tired or faulty guttering quickly and cost-effectively as the premier roof restoration company in the South West. Call the team at ROOFWEST Roof Restorations on 9795 9990 for a free quote today.

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