Has Winter Left Water Stains On Your Ceiling?


Roof restoration by ROOFWEST BunburyAfter the heavy rains of winter, brown water stains also known as wet patches can appear on your ceiling. Perhaps you are only noticing these stains now or maybe you noticed water dripping from the area after rainfall.  Either way, now that spring has arrived and the winter rains are behind us, don’t delay having water damage to your ceiling inspected and repaired.

Here are a few reasons to make ceiling repairs a priority this spring:

  • Prevent Further Damage
  • Insurance Claims
  • Protect Your Family’s Health

Prevent Further Damage

A water stain appearing on your ceiling normally means there is water damage that can’t be seen too. A water stain is usually the result of water pooling within the roof cavity which can also damage insulation, wiring and wood fixtures. If not repaired, water will continue to accumulate in your roof cavity and eventually the weight of this water will cause your ceiling to sag and eventually cave in. This can be disastrous as can cause extensive damage to the interior of your home.

Insurance Claims

While all policies vary, you will often find to make an insurance claim on ceiling repairs they must be reported when the damage is first identified. If ceiling damage is not reported and repaired and further damage occurs, insurers can argue the extent of repairs are due to you not reporting the initial issue so may not cover all costs. Be sure to check your personal policy for exact terms and conditions.

Protect Your Family’s Health

If left untreated, darker brown spots can begin to appear at the site of water stains too. This normally indicates mould, which can be detrimental to yours and your family’s health. When inhaled, mould spores can cause inflammation in airways, a blocked nose plus respiratory issues. If left untreated, more chronic health conditions such as asthma can occur.

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