How a Change of Paint Colour Can Brighten Up Your Home


The decrease in natural daylight during winter often leaves us feeling unmotivated, tired and wanting to stay indoors curled up on the couch. A fresh coat of paint or a change of paint colour is just one way you can brighten your home (and motivation) by creating extra light and giving your home a new look and feel.

A few details to consider when deciding to brighten up your home with paint are:

  • Colour Choices
  • Purpose of the Rooms being Painted
  • High Quality Workmanship

Colour Choices

The colours in our home affect the ambience plus yours and your families moods and emotions so it’s important to make the right choices. 

Bright paint colours like white and yellow are a great way to lighten up an area, creating extra natural light. This is especially beneficial during winter when there is less natural light entering our homes. A light and bright colour on your walls will give your home a clean and fresh look and feel and is sure to spark joy and positivity.

Shades of blue are a popular choice as they bring a sense of the outdoors in. When choosing a shade of blue, a lighter shade is ideal to brighten an area and make your home appear more spacious while a darker shade of blue is often used for feature walls.

Finished Exterior Residential Painting Marlston Hill Bunbury by RoofWest Painting Services

The correct shade of warm colours such as tan and beige are colours that can create extra light and brightness. These shades are known to be inviting and give your home an earthy look and feel.  

Purpose of the Rooms being Painted

Before choosing the correct paint colour it’s important to consider what the area is used for now plus what it may be used for in the future. This is especially evident when painting bedrooms. The hot pink and purple paint may have been relevant to a family member at the time but fast forward to now would it still be their colour choice? Contrast can be created by having a wall as a feature or adding texture to the finish of a room when painted.

High Quality Workmanship

Professional painters have the expertise to ensure the best quality work possible is delivered. Painting is not simply splashing colour on walls or ceilings, there is work involved before, during and after too. Before beginning painting it is imperative to ensure surfaces are prepped correctly including checking for and sealing cracks, holes or uneven surfaces.


During the painting process, safety is of the highest importance plus ensuring the area is well ventilated and floors and surfaces are covered. On completion, quality control checks are done to ensure the job is to the highest possible standard. Just a few of these checks include ensuring a smooth and even application and no visible paint drips. 

Call RoofWest Roof Restorations – Your Bunbury Painting Experts

RoofWest Roof Restorations have the training and experience to offer a professional painting service. Their team of both male and female painters can recommend colour choices best suited to your home and answer any questions you may have. Call the team on 9795 9990 for expert advice and a FREE quote to brighten up your home this winter.

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