How Can I Remove Dirt and Stains from Outside Surfaces of my Home?


High pressure cleaning by RoofwestThe harsh Australian climate and many external factors can contribute to outside surfaces of your home becoming dirty and stained. Cleaning a large surface area by hand can be too labour intensive and not possible with simply a garden hose and water. High pressure cleaning uses water, at a high pressure, to remove dirt, debris, stains and graffiti from a range of surfaces to restore their colour and improve their appearance.

Wondering what surfaces of your home you can have high pressure cleaned? Read on to learn 3 surfaces you can have high pressure cleaned including:

  • Your Roof
  • Driveways
  • Exterior Wall

Your Roof

A clean roof is an excellent way to protect your largest investment, your home. When your roof and gutters are clean, rainwater can run freely helping to prevent roof issues. High pressure roof cleaning will also remove moss, mould and mildew which can cause damage to your roof by blocking or restricting proper water runoff. Did you know? Cleaning your roof is also good fire prevention. Clearing a roof of leaf litter and other flammable material will help protect your home.


A homes driveway bears the brunt of car tyres going in and out each day. A driveway can also be where a car is parked when not in use, meaning oil stains appear. High pressure cleaning is an effective way to remove oil stains from your driveway. Although you may sweep your driveway regularly, dirt is embedded into the surface through car tyres and the ideal way to remove this dirt properly is with high pressure cleaning.

after - high pressure cleaning roofwestExterior Walls

Whether the exterior of your home is exposed brick or cement, the walls are prone to becoming dirty and stained. If the exterior of your home has lost its colour, high pressure cleaning can restore its beauty once more. You will be surprised at the difference and how much having them high pressure cleaned can restore the beauty of your home.

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