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How Do I Know If My Roof Is Damaged?


Performing a roof check from the outside and inside on a scheduled basis could prevent problems arising down the track.

Knowledge on if, or when you may have a leak or gutter problems will save you from having major issues like having to re roof. If damage goes on checked it could cause problems by getting through to the underneath of the tile or tin and destroyed the inside of the roof cavity. What to do?

First do some inspecting, either yourself or get a professional roof restoration company in to give you a free quote.

Main Areas to Look at

  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Damage


Access the inside of the Roof cavity through a manhole or another entry area with a torch will be the best way to search the area, if there is daylight showing through any part internally this is opening that will need to be attended to, to protect from water entering. Check for staining or running water marks this could be a sign of moisture building or leaks and after a period of time the water damage could cause sagging to the roofing areas. Sagging should be dealt with as soon as possible by contacting a reputable Roof specialist.


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If you have noticed damage internally in the roof the results will definitely be on the outside of the roof structure. If there are signs of mould, moss or algae, moisture could be seeping into cracks and crevices. Signs of water marks and staining too will become apparent along with sagging if the water damage has gone too far. Have a look around garden beds and ground surfaces for any signs of broken materials that may have come off the roof.


Any damage you notice should be documented to keep a record and contact a Roofing specialist who will be able to give you a free inspection on the overall work that needs to be conducted.

Often the damage will be caused by cracked tiles or tin sheeting that has come lose. Guttering that needs replacing etc. This type of damage can be fixed with having to re roof.

For Professional Services When It Comes to Your Roof Restoration

ROOFWEST Roof Restorations have 35 years of knowledge and experience bringing services all over the South West Region and Greater Southern Regions too.

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