How Do You Know You Have Gutter Problems?


gutter pipeWhen problems arise with gutters they can have a big impact on your home.

Gutters are a means of diverting water away from our homes so when the are blocked they can cause a range of issues including foundation damage, structural issues and not to mention the look of a garden hedge growing out your roof that can lead to mould and moss build-up. When heavy rains hit your home, pools of water can form around the foundation of the home and leak into areas it shouldn’t; this can cause extensive water damage that becomes costly.

Signs you could have blocked guttering

  • Water spilling over the sides
  • Sagging Gutters
  • Plant Growth
  • Staining on the side of your gutters

Water Spilling Over The Sides

If your gutters are pouring water like a waterfall then most likely your gutters are blocked or you have an obstruction of some kind.

Sagging Gutters

Sagging gutters are a very good sign, gutters are blocked or clogged with leaves. The weight of the debris and water built up can be more than your gutters can handle. The problem is guttering will be unable to divert water away from the home and the water could back flow under your eaves into your roof or wall cavity and cause substantial damage. If you have saggy guttering you should get it checked as it will probably need replacing.

Plant Growth

guttersWhen you see grass spiking up out of the guttering, your gutters have a dirt and debris built up causing a foundation for growing weeds, grasses and moss and mould. In time this can lead to rusting, foundation problems and sagging gutters and then the waterflow effect.

Staining on the side of Gutters

Staining on the side of gutters shows signs that gutters have previously been blocked or are currently blocked and need cleaning.

Last time your gutters were cleaned

To maintain the quality of life of your gutters it a good idea to keep them maintained, getting your gutters cleaned and downpipes flushed especially before the winter months set in.

How Do You Know You Have Gutter Problems?

Not sure if you have a problem with your guttering? Call in the professional.

For all your guttering cleaning, replacements or prevention advice call Tom and the Team at ROOFWEST Roof Restoration
at 9795 9990 we service throughout the South West and the Great Southern Region.

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