How Long Do Roof Coatings Last?


Coatings can be applied to all kinds of roofs and when owners are looking at Roof coatings it usually is for the reasons of restoring an old roof, adding protection to a new roof or due to a colour change being needed.

Roof coatings have so many benefits with reflective technology, sealing and giving a great appeal factor to the overall look.

A main thing to keep in mind when looking at getting a Roof coating is the overall condition of the roof prior to any works needing to be carried out. A Roofing specialist will assess your roof prior and inform of all maintenance that will be required. If your Roof is already in great condition then a Roof coating is fantastic preventative. Life expectancy of a Roof Coating should be anywhere between 5-10 years with a guarantee.

Benefits of Roof Coatings

  • Reflection
  • Extends Life Expectancy
  • Roof Protection
  • Home Comfort


A quality Roof Coating will give the benefit of reflection of the suns UV rays of heat and this will keep the inside of the home cooler too.

Extends Life Expectancy


Keep a maintenance check on your Roof will ensure that your Roof will be in good working order and having a protective coating applied will add a longer life expectancy to the whole surface.

Roof Protection

Having a quality coating from a professional Roofing specialist applied to your roof gives so much protection for years to come with a guarantee you can rely on.

Home Protection

When your Roof is in good order with a good quality coating you will be saving on cooling costs as your air-conditioning units will not have to work so hard inside your home.

Need a good quality Roof Coating

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