How Many Coats of Paint Are Needed When Painting a Dark Wall?


Darkwall roomA change of paint colour can make your business or home look and feel like new. A colour change to a previously dark painted wall can enhance natural light in the area, brighten a space plus allow new interior design options suited to the new shade.

People can be discouraged from changing the paint colour on a dark wall thinking too many coats of paint will be needed. The truth is, when hiring the services of a professional, it’s all in a day’s work. The number of coats of paint needed when painting a dark wall is determined by a few important factors including:

  • Colour Choice
  • Use of a Primer
  • Paint Quality

Colour Choice

Choosing the perfect colour for your space is an important decision. The original colour and the new colour of the wall will determine exactly how many coats are needed. The bigger the contrast between the original colour and the new colour, the more coats of paint generally required. Ensuring a smooth and even coverage and finish is imperative meaning up to 6 coats of paint may be needed.

Use of a Primer

For a high quality finish, preparation is crucial. The number of paint coats required can be reduced with the use of a primer, which will help to mask the current paint colour plus create the ideal surface for the new paint to adhere to. Ensure your tradesmen are professional with an eye for attention to detail who pride themselves on superior quality each step of the painting process.

Paint Quality

Feature Wall - PaintedPaint quality is a very important factor to consider. Generally, the better quality product the fewer coats needed. Using leading and highly reputable paint brands such as Taubman’s and Dulux will ensure a high standard finish that will be maintained over time. As a customer you must also ensure that your paint work job is fully guaranteed and compliant with the current Australian Standard.

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