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How Many Coats of Paint Do I Need When Painting My Kitchen?


Kitchen PaintingWhen renovating or restyling your kitchen, painting the walls and ceiling is a normal part of the process. The on trend look in kitchens is for light coloured walls to help portray a fresh and clean look and feel. However, there are many other design and decorative options available.

If opting for a completely new look and feel to your kitchen, you may choose a complete colour change. A common painting question when changing the paint colour in your kitchen is how many paints of coats will be required? There are a few factors that will determine this, read on to learn 3 of these including:

  • Contrast between the existing and new colour
  • Correct preparation and application
  • Quality of the paint used

Contrast between the existing and new colour

The bigger the different between the existing colour of your kitchen and the new colour, the more coats of paint that will generally be needed. Many people may be deterred from going for a big colour change, however professional painters have the expertise and experience in complete colour changes therefore it’s a standard practice.

Correct preparation and application

To ensure the best quality finish, correct preparation before painting an area is crucial. Using a primer prepares a surface before it’s painted and can help the transformation from one colour to another to ensure a smooth and even coverage and finish. For this reason, hiring the services of a professional painter is recommended.

Quality of the paint used

Collie Living After PaintingAs with most things, the higher the quality, the better the finish. Painting is no different. Using leading and highly reputable paint brands such as Taubman’s and Dulux will ensure a high standard finish that will be maintained over time. Before employing the services of a professional painter, it is important to ensure their work is fully guaranteed and compliant with the current Australian Standard.

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