How Often Should You Coat Your Roof?

Rusty Roof

When your roof has lost its colour and isn’t looking as bright as it use to, then this would be a great time to contact a roofing specialist to come and assess your roof.

Roof coatings or restorations is the process of maintaining the condition of the roof surface and then giving it added protection with a coating. Coatings applied shouldn’t be just any ordinary paint due to temperatures, textures of paint that is to be used or what experience you may or may not have painting a roof surface with safety aspects. Having the expertise of a Roofing specialist attend to your Roofing will give you proven results and guarantee to last.

Best time to coat my Roof

  • Aging
  • New Roof
  • Colour Change
  • Repairs


If your Roof has been exposed to the elements for 10-15 years or more without maintenance or coatings, it would be a wise decision to contact a Roofing specialist to assess prior to a coating being applied. Quality application of product should come with a 10 warranty guarantee.

New Roof

Gorgeous roof by RoofWest

When you have a new roof installed, getting a protective coating applied after the work has been finished will give the roof a longer lasting finish and protection to the overall roof surface.

Colour Change

Dulux Acratex have a range of colours to choose from that will match and suit the look of you home or business. If you are looking at changing the colour completely, this is definitely a way to achieve with high results.


When repairs and maitenanace has been done to your Roof surface this will give a much better guarantee for longer lasting results than painting over the problem, the expertise of a professional Roofing specialist will ensure that this happens so you get the best for your service.

When you need to get your Roof Assessed

Action on maintaining your roof surface is a great preventative to having a good healthy roof that will give you years of coverage to your home. Contact Tom of Roof West Roof Restoration and the team on 9795 9990.

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