How to Choose the Best Colour to Paint My Roof in Bunbury and the South West?


Roofing by RoofwestThe decision to have your roof professionally painted is an exciting one. Not only will painting your roof be a chance to have any damaged repaired, but it will give the exterior of your home a makeover and can change the entire look and feel of your home.

After making the decision to have your roof painted, the most important decision that many homeowners ponder over, is choosing a colour. Read below for some questions to consider when choosing the best colour to paint your roof including:

  • Are other exterior areas of your home being painted too?
  • Have you seen a visual of your chosen colour?
  • Have you asked a professional’s opinion?

Are Other Exterior Areas of Your Home Being Painted too?

If it is only your roof being painted, then consider the existing colour of the main exterior areas of your home including the gutters, exterior walls, garage door and driveways. Choose a colour that compliments these colours. If you are planning a complete exterior makeover and having these areas painted too, then choose colours that compliment or contrast with each other. To narrow down your choice, start by choosing a colour theme then choosing the varying range of shades and tones in that colours theme.

Have You Seen a Visual of Your Chosen Colour?

Paint My Roof in Bunbury? Call RoofWestMost people are visuals, meaning we gain a better understanding by physically seeing something. Once choosing a colour, get a visual of what the finished result will look like. You may get this inspiration by looking at other roofs in your neighbourhood that are the colour you are considering. Choosing a colour off a colour chart, can be vastly different to seeing the roof in natural light on a larger scale.

Have You Asked a Professional’s Opinion?

A professional roof coating business will have experience and training in all aspects of roof painting. There advice can be valuable in ensuring you make the best colour choice for your soon to be painted roof. Professional roof painters will also factor in things you may not have considered including your environment, location, trends and how certain shades accentuate features of your home.  

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