How To Choose The Best Colour To Repaint Your Roof


Roof restoration by ROOFWEST BunburyThe exterior of your home is visibly always on display therefore making the correct colour choice when repainting your roof is important. When choosing the correct colour to paint your roof you must consider other exterior factors too such as your homes location, style and current landscaping.

Need some inspiration to help decide the best colour? Here are some important factors to consider ensuring your freshly painted roof will fit in with the aesthetics of your home:

  • Your Location
  • Overall Visual Appearance
  • Exterior Paint Colour of Your Home

Your Location

The location of your home plays an important role in choosing the best colour to paint your roof. If you live in a suburb surrounded by leafy trees and nature then a colour to compliment this is ideal. If your home is in a cluster of other homes that all look similar, painting it a different colour than the rest will make it stand out from the crowd.

Overall Visual Appearance

The current style and design of your home should be considered when narrowing down colour choices. Consider the existing colour of fences, driveways, window frames and outdoor features such as water features and outdoor furniture. Brown, beige, stone and off white are all warm toned colours while crisp white, black and blue are cool toned. Knowing if you are aiming for a warm or cool tone roof to blend in with these existing aesthetics will help to narrow down your choices.

Roof restoration by ROOFWEST Bunbury

Exterior Paint Colour of Your Home

Your roof colour should blend in with its current exteriors. Generally, the gutters and roof will be the same colour. The trim will match the fascia and eaves and downpipes will be painted the same colour as your home. There are no set rules though, you can add your own flair but it is encouraged the colours compliment each other.

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