I Have An Older Home, Can My Roof Be Replaced To Suit?


Broken roof tilesYour house roof is a unique feature of your home. When the property was built, the roof was specifically designed in the dimensions and style of your home and, over time, it ages with the rest of the foundations and structure. Your roof is the surface that faces the harshest of the elements and will inevitably need replacing after a period of time.

A new roof does not have to stick out like a sore thumb. ROOFWEST Roof Restorations are qualified and highly experienced in replacing older style roof surfaces, retaining the style of your home but with modern technology and advances to ensure your roof is safer and will last longer.

If your older roof is beyond recoating and minor repair, ROOFWEST Roof Restorations can assist with the design, supply, installation and maintenance of a new roof material that will not only make your roof safer but look fantastic too.

Why Should I Replace My Old, Tired and Damaged Roof?

  • Breathe New Life Into Your Older Home
  • Create A Safer Home For Your Family
  • Suitability and Longevity

Breathe New Life Into Your Older Home

The roof takes up a large surface area of the exterior of your house and it’s one of the first features people see when they arrive. You may like to keep the current colour but change from tin to tile, or change the entire colour façade of your home and change the shade of your roof materials. A new roof is the ultimate makeover – like a new hairstyle!

Create A Safer Home For Your Family

Coated Roof by ROOFWEST BunburyOld roofs are dangerous and can cost a lot of money in maintenance. Cracked tiles can not only slide off and strike someone underneath, they also allow for water to enter your roof cavity and cause water damage – a very costly problem to fix. Damaged gutters can also leak and become obstruction hazards.

Suitability and Longevity

Older homes have character; a feature that not all home owners want to lose when they renovate or replace their roof surface. ROOFWEST Roof Restorations will work with you to choose a new roof that will not only compliment your existing home, but will boast significant longevity and less cost in maintenance over time.

Who Can Help Me Decide On A New Roof For My Older Home?

ROOFWEST Roof Restorations have over 35 years’ experience in restoring and replacing roofs in the South West. They specialise in tin and tile roof repairs, complete re-roofing, re-coating and re-pointing, as well as gutter replacements and roller shutters and will satisfy all insurance requirements. For quality workmanship with superior products at affordable prices, phone ROOFWEST Roof Restorations today on 9795 9990.

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