I Want to Change the Colour of My Roof, What Colour Should I Choose?


Change the Colour of My RoofThere are many reasons why homes in Bunbury and the South West choose to have their roof painted. Whether purely for visual purposes or your roof is need of a complete roof restoration, having the roof of your home painted can certainly change the overall appearance of your home.

Beyond making the decision to change the colour of your roof, you have the all-important colour choice. When choosing the best colour, it’s important to consider the existing colours around your home, your climate plus current trends.

Read on to learn 3 colour schemes to consider when changing the colour of your roof including: 

  • Red Tones
  • Brown Tones
  • Blue Tones

Red Tones

While the idea of a true red roof may seem totally left of field, there are many varying tones of red that can be visually pleasing on a roof. From rich red tones such as burgundy to more orange red tones such as a terracotta colour, there are varying tones of red that are both contemporary and traditional.

Brown Tones

A roof painted in a brown tone is a traditional colour choice that will stand the test of time. Being a neutral colour, a brown roof can allow you the flexibility to change the décor and existing colour schemes around the outdoors of your home knowing your roof will still tie in.  Brown tones can include from soft, light nude and beige to a deep dark greyish brown tone.

Blue Tones

Roof coating by RoofwestBlue is a popular colour choice for many homes roof colour and can really make your painted roof stand out in your street. If the exterior of your home is more of a neutral shade such as beige or cream then a dark blue roof can make a great contrasting colour. Homes located in coastal areas also often opt for a blue toned colour.

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