Is Your Roof Ready for Winter in Bunbury and the South West?


Roof Ready for WinterBunbury and the South West are spoilt with beautiful weather all year around. While summer days can be scorching hot, the afternoon sea breeze provides a cool relief. While winter days can be windy, rainy and cold, we are lucky enough to also enjoy warm and sunny winter days too.

Each year before winter arrives, it’s essential to ensure your home is winter ready. While there are numerous items to check and tasks to do in and around a home before winter arrives, ensuring your roof is ready is important. Read on to learn more including:

  • Have your roof inspected and re pointed or restored if required
  • Clean your gutters
  • Have overhanging branches trimmed

Have your roof inspected and re pointed or restored if required

Whether your roof is tiled or metal, it’s important to regularly have it professionally inspected. The entire surface of your roof is not visible from the ground meaning damage can easily go un-noticed. If your roof is tiled, over time, small cracks or breaks can appear in the mortar that holds the tile ridges on your roof. Repointing your roofs tiles can fix these small cracks or breaks and stop moisture seeping into your roof. Repointing your tiles and ridge caps will also make your tiles safe and secure in high winds and bad weather.

Clean your gutters

rain falling on a damage gutterWhen winters rain arrives, your homes gutters have a vital role to play. Gutters should be cleaned of leaves, sand and debris before winter arrives and any damaged repaired. Doing so can help prevent water from entering the roof cavity of your home.

Have overhanging branches trimmed

Strong and gusty winds can cause tree branches to break and fall. If you have large trees close to your home, these branches can fall and cause extensive damage to your roof. Minimise the risk of damage to your roof from falling tree branches by having these trimmed before winter arrives.

To have your roof re-pointed or restored, call RoofWest Roof Restorations

The team at RoofWest Roof Restorations have the knowledge, experience and correct equipment to professionally restore your roof. Whether you want your roof professionally painted or a full roof restoration, Tom and the team offer quality workmanship to give you peace of mind.

With over 35 years experience, RoofWest Roof Restoration will ensure your homes roof in Bunbury and the South West is winter ready.

For an obligation FREE quote and expertise advice, call Tom and team on 9795 9990 today.

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