My Roof Is Covered in Moss, Does It Need A Roof Restoration?

Rusty Roof

Moss, mould, lichen and algae don’t make a roof surface look all that attractive but research from top roofing suppliers have found that this isn’t actually a bad thing for your roof, unless there is actual damage done to the tiling itself otherwise it is just surface buildup from moisture that will need a clean to remove it.

When you are in need of a full roof restoration there are several purposes and reasons to why this call of action is needed. The main purpose is to extend the longevity and give protection to the roof surface to seal and stop water seepage into crevices.

Processes for Roof Restoration

  • Complete Inspection
  • High Pressure Clean
  • Replacements
  • Protective Coating

Complete Inspection

Dealing with a professional Roofing specialist, you will be first given a quote of the findings of work that will need to be done in the restoration of your roof, this will be given once a complete inspection of the Roof surface has been checked. The inspection will be looking at broken tiles, lifted sheeting, missing screws, cracks, missing mortar, downpipes and gutters all intact.

High Pressure Clean


Once the quote has been done and approval to conduct the work is done, a high pressure clean of the roof surface is carried out and this will remove any debris such as mould, moss and algae and leaves a clean surface for preparation of the maintenance of the restoration work.


All areas for replacements such as screws, affixing sheeting that may have come loose, new guttering, pipes, re tiling, capping and mortar will be applied for added strength for the roof surface.

Protective Coating

When the roof surface has had all amendments made, the coating will be applied by the professional Roofing specialist, this will protect the roof from environmental exposure and also give longevity to your roof making it look great too.

Are You Looking for Professional Roofing Specialist?

If your tiles are faded or your roof is covered in moss, contact Tom and the team on 9795 9990 at ROOFWEST Roof Restoration for a full range of restoration services, giving your roof the lift it needs.

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