My Roof Is Faded and Needs Re Painting


Metal-pressure cleaningWhether you have a tin roof or a tiled roof they both look fantastic when given a new coat of paint. It is now that you should look at the options you can choose from, so you can get the best outcome of maintenance for your roof with choosing professional roofer to ensure the product is applied correctly.

A common process that will be required beforehand is the high pressure cleaning, this application process, will ensure all debris of dirt, mould and mildew is removed so that there is good bare surface to apply the new product.

What does a Roof Specialist mean?

  • Guarantee
  • Fixtures and Replacements
  • Roof Coating


ROOFWEST is an accredited roofing contractor with over 35 years experience. Having the knowledge and experience to do high pressure cleaning, re roof, replace gutters, re point and do roof coatings giving you a 10 year guarantee.

Fixtures and Replacements

Tiles-applying first topcoat 2In the initial inspection of your roof, you will be notified of any fixtures for cracked tiles that may need to be replaced, any repointing that will need to be done or gutters and down pipes that need fixing or adjustments.

Roof Coating

Did you know roof coating also known as roof painting? Roof coating is fluid that when applied gives your roof a membrane protection that can help to reflect the sun’s ultra violet rays. Having a roof coating applied to the roof surface will help to lower the heat temperatures in the home. Roofwest have an accredited licence to be able to apply the coatings of Dulux Acra Tex, giving you peace of mind that a professional service will last you years to come.

Dealing with a professional Roofing specialist

ROOFWEST Roof restoration services will not only be able to give your roof the quality restoration services, you can be guaranteed a sound roof for years to come.

Contact Tom and the team at ROOFWEST on 9795 9990 for a free onsite quote today.

Photos courtesy of Dulux AcraTex

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