My Roof Is Faded – Can I Paint It?


ROOFWEST – Your Roof Coating / Roof Painting Specialist!The roof of a home is exposed to the harshest of elements and, over time, the roof inevitably fades from it’s original colour and gloss. Aside from covering your roof in a protective sheet, you cannot avoid this type of element exposure and although it is not actually damaging your roof, it can leave it open to small cracks and possibilities of needing repair after time. Consistent maintenance using a quality roof membrane coating, such as Dulux Acra-Tex, can significantly reduce this weathering and the likelihood of damage to the roof surface, reducing the need for costly repair bills or complete roof replacement.

Exterior paint will not do the job when it comes to sealing your roof, you need a product that boasts the following benefits to provide superior protection for your roof:

  • Flexibility
  • Breathability
  • UV Resistant and Eco Friendly


Roof tiles move when heated and cooled, a process which occurs every day and if a coating does not move as well, it will either split/crack or separate from the tile. In both cases, this failure will result in moisture entering the surface below the coating and lifting off.

Dulux Acra-Tex is ultra-flexible, so it moves with the roof surface, resulting in a much longer lifespan for both the coating membrane and your roof material.


Tiles-applying second topcoat 1A fluid membrane, such as Dulux Acra-Tex membrane, clearly outperforms paint as it has greater thickness per coat and more “elasticity”. Another important characteristic of a membrane is its ability to breathe, allowing water vapour to escape from the substrate without allowing water to penetrate through.

UV Resistant and Eco Friendly

The Australian sun is harsh, so you need a product that is highly UV resistant and solar reflective. ROOFWEST’s Dulux Acra-Tex is not only formulated with premium pigmentation to withstand effects from the harsh sun, it is also made from eco-friendly material to resist pollution and provide potable drinking water from rain run-off.

Who Can Help Me With A Roof Coating Solution?

With a 10 year material warranty, all Dulux AcraTex premium quality products are manufactured to exacting specifications.  All the products in the Dulux AcraTex Next Gen Roof Restoration System are manufactured under the most stringent conditions to meet the highest certifications.

The team at ROOFWEST Roof Restoration are your local Dulux AcraTex agents and are proud to endorse this premium quality product. Call Tom and the team on 9795 9990 for a free onsite quote and get your roof protected with Dulux Acra-Tex today.

Photos courtesy of Dulux AcraTex

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