Need Graffiti Removal in Bunbury?


GraffitiLook no further than Graffiti Doctors from ROOFWEST Roof Restorations. Graffiti Doctors is a graffiti removal company based in Bunbury, servicing commercial, residential and government department clientele throughout the South West with our experienced and professional combination of high pressure spraying and special formula solutions.

Specialising in not only graffiti removal but other stain removal from building surfaces, Graffiti Doctors partners with ROOFWEST Roof Restorations to provide superior service and workmanship in restoration services to bring your home back to its former glory. Whether it be a job based on aesthetics or an insurance claim from an act of vandalism, inevitable bore water stains on a rural property or mishaps with grease, paint or long-term moss, Graffiti Doctors can assist on time and on budget.

  • Graffiti Tags and Vandalism
  • Bore Water Staining
  • Mould, Oil, Algae and Grease

Graffiti Tags and Vandalism

Graffiti Doctors can remove large or small graffiti tags from commercial and domestic properties, tilt up’s, shops, factories, homes, signage, parks, sports clubs, fencing, walls; just about any surface.  Using their careful practices and chemically balanced solutions, Graffiti Doctors can remove unsightly and unwanted vandalism from limestone, brick, tin, glass, concrete and other surfaces.

Bore Water Staining

Graffiti removalBore water is cost effective and eco-friendly, but it leaves stubborn and ugly stains on walls, paths, driveways and windows. Bring your property back to looking its best, especially if you are selling, and take advantage of Graffiti Doctors superior high-pressure cleaning equipment and products that can remove stains quickly and safely.

Mould, Oil, Algae and Grease

Dirt, grime, algae and moss are all natural occurrences, but can be unsightly and harbour bacteria. Oil, grease and paint can be spilt easily but cleaning them up quickly is not a simple process. Graffiti Doctors use specialist degreasing products and methods to remove the products that can severely damage the surfaces in your home and bring life back into your floors, roof, walls, paths and doors.

Graffiti Removal In The South West? Call Graffiti Doctors Today.

Graffiti Doctors take great care in getting the balance right between very high pressure, efficient cleaning and keeping the surface, and surrounding areas, safe from damage. Utilising the latest technology and genuine care for our customers property, Graffiti Doctors has over 20 years’ experience in making sure your stains are removed efficiently and affordably.
Call us today at Graffiti Doctors on 9795 9990.

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