Roller Shutters

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Roller shutters are the ultimate in protection. Are you looking for protection from the harsh Australian weather, sun and/or storms, need security against break ins, or want to cooler in summer, warmer in winter roller shutters are ideal for you!

Roller shutters on your windows keep your home cooler in summer and offer excellent protection when you need to lock up your home if you are going away on the extended holidays or trips.

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Why should I choose Roller Shutters?Roller Shutters Corner Roofwest Bunbury

Roller shutters come in a range of different styles, allowing you to choose assorted colours and patterns to suit your needs. High quality fully insulated roller shutters to make your home or business and more secure plus they look trendy too.

There are many reasons why you should choose roller shutters, here are just a few:

  • Security
  • Weather Protection
  • Insulation
  • Control Light
  • Noise Reduction
  • Privacy
  • Protect your furniture

Roller shutters add security to your home. The shutters are made from metal, making them strong and robust. They cannot be pulled away as they are mounted flush on the outside of your window or door. Roller Shutters Roofwest BunburyYou can rest easy knowing that you, your family and your valuables are safe. Thanks to the added security – you will have peace of mind and not have to worry when heading off on holidays.

Provide protection against the weather. Roller shutters will protect your windows and doors during a storm, deflecting flying debris or branches from causing damage. Even in the event of a bushfire, your shutters can protect you from embers. Be sure to protect your home against the harsh summer heat and winter storms.

Roller Shutters are insulating. Save on your power bills. Keep your house warm during the winter months and cool throughout summer.

Control light. Are you a shift worker? Roller shutters are perfect for blocking out both the light and the outside noise – giving you the perfect sleep. Ideal for a baby’s room too. Roller shutters are great sound insulators and can reduce the transmission of sound by 50%.

Noise Reduction

Roller shutters are the ideal choice for noise control from the noisy neighbours, highway traffic or barking dogs, now you can create the perfect sanctuary within your home.

Roller Shutters give you privacy. Depending on the time of the day or night, you can alter your shutters as you wish. Simply lower your shutters for more privacy, preventing anyone from peering in. Or you may prefer to open slightly for some nice fresh air and then go about your relaxation. You have total control of the amount of privacy you want.

Protect your furniture. We all know how much the Aussie sun can fade our wooden furniture and fabrics. You can tweak your shutters letting in the mild morning sun and then closing it for further protection in the afternoon.

Perfect Roller Shutters for you.

Not only are roller shutters a physical deterrent against criminals but they work as a visual deterrent as well. Feel confident in your home, knowing that you are protected.

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Roller Shutters – Providing Comfort & Protection at Your Home.

ROOFWEST offers installation and repair and supplies high quality fully insulated roller shutters with a variety of hand control to make your home or business cooler in summer, warmer in winter, more secure if you’re away.

We offer different types of Roller Shutters including:

Electric Type – easily operated by remote control which automatically rolls up or one-touch button which is setup in the wall. A battery can be added as a back-up in cases of power outage. The biggest advantage of electric roller shutters is, it can be easily accessible and operated.  It can be setup to different ways. All remote operations use radio frequency.

  • Wall mounted switch
  • Wall mounted switch with remote control
  • Remote switch
  • Key switch
  • Manual override
  • Battery Back-up

Battery Operated Roller Shutters – similar to electric type but instead using a battery as a power source. Can be operated by pressing a button.

Manual Operated Roller Shutters – the most common types of shutters. It is operated manually. Cost no electricity to use and environmentally friendly. It is categorised into 3 types, Spring Loaded, Strap Control, Winder Control with each corresponding functions.

  • Spring loaded roller shutters are fitted with a spring right inside the axle and tensioned specifically to the shutter’s weight. The operation is as simple as pulling it down via the handles and with closing it with a lock at the bottom.
  • Strap control roller shutters are generally used on the area where space is limited and lack of wall space. It has a sleek design that fits the surrounding. It has an internal mechanism that gives quick and solid operation.
  • Winder Control roller shutters can often be found on two walls separated by a hollow space, commonly known as a cavity together with either cord or tape. It comes with vertical and horizontal and operated manually.

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