My Roof Needs a Clean For Christmas


ChristmasNow that the dreary winter months have passed and the sun is shining again, you may have noticed your roof looking a little worse for wear. Did the constant winter rain and moisture leave your tiles covered in mould? Or did the winds blow up a heap of sand, leaves and debris? If you are looking to get your roof looking cleaner for the festive season before family and friends arrive to celebrate, ROOFWEST can assist you with all of your roof cleaning needs.

Specialising in roof restoration and highly trained in high pressure cleaning roof surfaces, ROOFWEST can not only bring your roof back to life but also inspect it for damage or maintenance requirements.

The benefits of getting your roof cleaned professionally include:

  • Cleaning reveals repair points
  • Freshens the look of your home
  • Safety trained and specialised equipment

Cleaning reveals repair points

When the debris and mould has been removed from your roof surface, any underlying issues can be revealed. These issues can be inspected and assessed by a ROOFWEST tradesman on the spot to ensure the problem does not get any bigger or cause further damage. Split tiles, damaged tin, open seals, broken guttering and cracked pointing cement are all common dilemmas that appear when a roof is cleaned and ROOFWEST tradesmen are able to provide a quote to repair on site.

Freshens the look of your home

Tiles-applying first topcoat 2Much like a good spring clean leaves your home feeling clean and fresh, getting the experts from ROOFWEST in to high pressure hose your roof can breathe new life into your home’s façade. Whether it’s to impress Christmas guests, prepare your home for sale or just to give your house a facelift, cleaning the surface can add value to your home and make it look years younger.

Safety trained and specialised equipment

Whilst it may be tempting to climb onto the roof yourself and give it a squirt with your own hose, this is not a DIY job. ROOFWEST staff are highly trained in both professional techniques and safety procedures to ensure you roof not only gets cleaned efficiently but everyone is kept safe in the process. Proper equipment and safety measures are essential for a job done well.

Who Can Clean My Roof For Christmas?

ROOFWEST have serviced the homes of the South West for years and provide a reliable, cost effective solution for your roof cleaning requirements. Call Tom and the team today on 9795 9990 and organise a sparkling roof as a Christmas present to yourself today!

Roofing Photo courtesy of Dulux AcraTex

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