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Why is it important to repair my roof before winter?


Re Pointing by ROOFWEST BunburyWinter is fast approaching and with winter comes seasonal harsh weather. If your tiled roof is showing signs of wear and tear, is leaking or has cracked or broken tiles, now is the time to call RoofWest Roof Restorations. Many homeowners wait until winter has settled in before having their roof repaired, however by this time costly and extensive damage can already be done.

Read on to learn about roof re-pointing and the importance of having it done before winter arrives including:

  • What is roof re-pointing?
  • When should I have my roof re-pointed?
  • Why should I have my roof re-pointed before winter?

What is roof re-pointing?

Roof repointing is done on a roof’s structure to ensure it continues to function correctly. In the past, an older cement mortar would be used to repoint roof tiles, however today a flexible and durable compound is used. As it is flexible, it does not crack with the natural expansion and contraction of your roof. This further helps to safeguard your roof and protect your home.

When should I have my roof re-pointed?

Roof ridges, hips and rakes that have mortar cracks and break up are all signs your roof needs re-pointing. The entire surface of your roof is not easily visible from the ground and for this reason, regular roof inspections by Tom and his team at RoofWest Roof Restorations are the best way to check for damage. Think of your roof the same way you do your car. A car needs to be inspected, maintained and repaired regularly to ensure it is working correctly. Depending on the condition of your home it is recommended to have repointing done to your roof every 10 years.

Why should I have my roof re-pointed before winter?

sad roof tilesWinter brings an abundance of rainfall and strong winds, meaning now is the time to have your roof re-pointed to ensure it’s in the best condition possible. If your existing roof pointing is past it’s prime, is cracked or damaged, water can get inside your roof causing costly damage. Repointing your tiles will repair small cracks or breaks in the mortar that holds the tile ridges on your roof, helping to prevent moisture seeping into your roof. High winds can easily tear off loose tiles and ridge capping causing costly damage. Repointing your tiles and ridge caps will make your tiles safe and secure in high winds and harsh weather.

Roof West Roof Restorations are your roofing specialists in the South West

Don’t wait until winter arrives to have your roof inspected, maintained and repaired. Now is the time to call Tom and his team at Roof West Roof Restorations.

Offering FREE quotes, call Tom on the team on 9795 9990 for expert advice and all your roof re-pointing and roof restoration needs.  

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