Should I Have My Roof Painted?


RoofingWhen you get your roof painted it brings years of life back to the protection that shields your home. You will also have the option too to change the existing colour which could change the over all look of your house and increase the value.

Overtime with the natural elements beating down on the roof surface can cause fading and peeling of paint and can make your roof not very appealing from afar.

If your roof is showing wear and tear and needing that overdue uplift, RoofWest Roof Restoration are the professional roof coaters and have a range of services including assessing the roof condition and giving you the right advice to ensure you get the most out of your roof.

A good way to see if your Roof is needing repainting is to get the surface high pressure cleaned, sometimes when dirt and debris is removed it can make all the difference and look so much brighter.

Positives to Painting your Roof

  • Appearance
  • Selling
  • Strength


Appearances do make a difference, when coming through from a road side and into the door way of your home. When your Roof is has been kept in good condition it will protect the underlining condition of the home itself.


Roofing by ROOFWESTHaving a nice looking roof can give a thought to potential buyers that the rest of your home has been looked after as well. The outlook of a roof can even add value to your home as it won’t look so dated.


When the roof has been painted it is given a coating with priming and sealing to protect from any leaks. Another benefit in having your roof maintained with this treatment can help eliminate unwanted pests and rodents getting in.

Who Are the Experts to Speak to When it Comes to Painting Your Roof?

Your local RoofWest ROOF Restorations Specialists.

Contact Tom and the Team today on 9795 9990 for all your roof painting and restoration services and get a free quote onsite.

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