Should I Paint a Feature Wall in My Bedroom?


Blue feature wallA feature wall is a traditional feature used in many rooms of many homes. There are many reasons why a homeowner chooses to include a feature wall in a bedroom and while most feature walls are created using paint, wallpaper can also be used. One great benefit of a painted feature wall is it can be changed as the purpose or design of a bedroom changes.

Unsure whether to paint a feature wall in your bedroom? Read on to learn a few valuable points to consider:  

  • Bring colour combinations together
  • Create a sense of space
  • Future plans for your home

Bring colour combinations together

A feature wall can be a great way to bring a room with varying colour combinations together. Floor coverings, window coverings, furniture and décor may all differ in colour, but a feature wall in the right colour can make these colours come together and complement each other. A professional painter will be able to offer colour advice on which shade or tone of colour feature wall is best for your bedroom.

Create a sense of space

While many of us spend more time in our bedroom than most other areas of our home, a bedroom is normally a small space. A dark feature wall can create a sense of space and create the illusion of depth, making your bedroom look and feel larger. If you have a TV in your bedroom, a feature wall can be a great addition to the wall where the TV is positioned.

Future plans for your home

Bedroom PaintingA feature wall can easily be removed or painted over, however if you are considering selling your home soon, a feature wall in one or more bedrooms may not be a good idea. People’s personalities differ so what is appealing to you colour wise, may not appeal to others tastes or existing décor.  If you have your heart set on painting a feature wall and are considering selling, perhaps choose a colour in neutral or subtle shade and tone.

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