Should I Paint My Roof and Gutters the Same Colour?


roof restoration plus gutter paintingMaking the decision to have your roof professionally painted is an exciting one knowing the result will boost the appearance of your home and leave your roof looking like new. Before your roof can be professionally painted, homeowners will have the important decision to make a colour choice. While having your roof and gutters the same colour may seem the obvious choice, there are other options available that can further enhance the look and feel of the exterior of your home.

Professional roof painters like Tom and the team at RoofWest Roof Restoration have an abundance of experience and training in knowing what roof colour and gutter colour will work well with your home. Tom and the team can provide colour suggestions to help homeowners make their final colour choice.

Read on to learn 3 tips to consider when deciding whether to paint your roof and gutters the same colour including:

  • Roof and gutters the same colour
  • Roof and gutters in complimenting colours
  • Use visuals for inspiration

Roof and gutters the same colour

If you would like your roof and gutters to all blend together, painting them both the same colour is a good idea. Having your roof and gutters painted the same colour can give more freedom in colour choices if you decide to change the colour of other exterior parts of your home in the future. You may decide to paint your letterbox, front door, garage door and driveway and having the same colour roof and gutters means you only have one colour to match these to.

Roof and gutters in complimenting colours

after painting by RoofWestIf choosing to paint your roof and gutters different colours, it’s important to use colours that complement each other. One option is to use the same colour but in different tones for your roof and gutters. You may have a dark blue roof with a lighter shade of blue guttering or vice versa. To ensure all the colours on the exterior of your home complement each other, you may choose a gutter colour that matches the exteriors trim. Having your gutters the same colour as window frames, door frames, your letterbox, down pipes and a garage door can work well.

Use visuals for inspiration

Most people are visuals meaning we need to see something with our eye to get the best understanding of how it will look. Use other roofs in your neighbourhood for inspiration of what roof and guttering colours work well together and what does and doesn’t appeal to your taste.

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