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Should I Repair and Paint My Roof Before Selling My Home in Bunbury and the South West?

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After making the decision to sell your home, most homeowners are left pondering what repairs and home improvements to do before putting their home on the market. When having a home appraisal, the overall look of the home is an important factor in considering its asking price. Having your roof repaired can create maximum impact. The team at ROOF West Roof Restorations are highly skilled and educated to ensure your roof is in the best condition possible before selling your home.

Here are just a few reasons repairing and painting your roof before selling is a good idea:

  • Make Your Home Stand Out from the Crowd
  • Help to Receive the Asking Price 
  • Ensure Your Roof Passes a Property Inspection

Make Your Home Stand Out from the Crowd

An aesthetically pleasing roof is of high importance in today’s flooded real estate market. To ensure your home has maximum street appeal, a freshly coated roof is sure to give a great first impression making your home stand out from the crowd. When viewing your home, potential buyers will look at it as a whole picture meaning your roof can be a focal point especially when made to fit in with the colour, style and design of your property.

Help to Receive the Asking Price 

The sale price of your home can suffer because of a roof that needs painting or repairing. When purchasing a home, buyers want to ensure the safety of themselves, their family and their assets. Your roof protects not only your home, but everything in it. Buyers will normally consider the price it would cost to repair a damaged roof and subtract this cost from their offer.

Ensure Your Roof Passes a Property Inspection

Roof Repair by RoofWest

Before making a home’s purchase official, many buyers request a property inspection. This inspection ensures there is no significant damage to the structures of the home leading to costly repairs for new owners. An inspection report detailing roof repairs are needed can make a buyer think twice about purchasing your home. These repairs would have to be done before the purchase goes through which could lead to delays in the sale process.

Selling Your Home? Call ROOF West Roof Restorations today

With professional, trained experts and superior after sales service, ROOFWEST Roof Restoration are your trusted local choice in roofing. Choosing ROOFWEST Roof Restorations not only guarantees high quality products and expert workmanship, but peace of mind you are taking the correct steps to repair and paint your roof before selling your home.

Phone Tom and the team today on 9795 9990 for a free quote.

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