Storms Are Coming – Prep Your Roof Now!


damage gutterThe storm warnings are rolling in throughout the South West so it’s time to start making small adjustments and checks to your roof to minimise the impact of big storms. As always, it is best to take precautions now and be prepared, than have to rush around when the storm hits, or worse, pay for extensive damage that could have easily been avoided.

The team at ROOFWEST Roof Restorations can assist with inspections and advice to not only ensure your roof is safe and secure now, they also handle storm damage insurance work, striving to attend your property as soon as possible to repair any damage caused by bad weather.

  • Secure Windows and Doors
  • Prune and Remove Low Lying Branches
  • Secure Your Roof Surface

Secure Windows and Doors

If a window is broken or a door flies open during a storm, the pressure inside your house increases and this affects your ceiling and roof. It will essentially try and ‘lift’. To prevent this, make sure windows and doors are tightly secured and locked during a storm and cover your windows if you feel there is too much flying debris outside.

Prune and Remove Low Lying Branches

After repairBranches that scrape and whip against your roof, windows and walls during a storm will not only freak you out completely, they also pose a serious safety threat. Heavier branches are prone to snapping and falling onto house roof, causing extensive damage and possibly causing you to have to evacuate your home.

Secure Your Roof Surface

Perhaps the most important pre-emptive measure in roof prep for storms is to ensure you don’t have any sheets of tin or loose tiles laying on the roof that can rip or fly off. When these materials are dislodged, water gets into the ceiling and causes damage to insulation and internal walls and your ceiling, not to mention the hazard of flying objects falling from the roof surface.

Who Can Help Me With Preparing My Roof For Storms?

It’s time to call ROOFWEST Roof Restorations for a full inspection. ROOFWEST will inspect your roof and repair any issues quickly and affordably as the premier roof restoration company in the South West. Call the team at ROOFWEST Roof Restorations on 9795 9990.

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