The Risks of Having a Leaking Roof in Bunbury and the South West

Rusty roof

A leaking roof is not always visible until damage has already occurred and the longer it is left, the more significant the damage will be. A leaking roof can also affect those living in the homes healthy and safety, therefore homeowners should make repairing a leaking roof a high priority.

Do you know the risks of having a leaking roof? Here are just a few of the common risks that can occur:

  • Structural Damage to Your Home
  • Spread of Mould
  • Safety Hazards
  • Increase in Household Bills

Structural Damage to Your Home

Any size leak in your roof can cause significant damage to the structures of your home. Water can drip through the roof onto the floor or can run into building frames causing wooden structures to become damp. Over time, wood that has become wet will start to rot and lose its durability and the longer the leak continues, the worse the damage will become.

Spread of Mould

A leaking roof can cause mould to grow and spread throughout your home. Mould can spread into air-conditioning vents causing spores to be circulated through the home when the air-conditioning is turned on. The spread of mould poses a serious health risk for you and your family, especially those with respiratory issues.

Safety Hazards

Roof restoration by RoofWest

Water from a leaking roof can make contact with interior electrical wiring creating a dangerous fire hazard. If moisture accumulates around open wiring, this can become electrically charged causing the risk of electrocution. Water on the interior floors of your home can also be a safety hazard as family members can slip and fall.

Increase in Household Bills

Many homeowners don’t consider an increase in household bills could be a result of a leaking roof. If water damages the insulation in your roof the on-flow effect can be your home will lose hot and cold air quicker, causing your air-conditioning or heating to work harder.

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