Transform Your Living Areas with a New Colour for Summer


Collie Living After PaintingAn annual spring clean of the home is a common task performed by homeowners. Washing windows, cleaning drawers and decluttering the pantry are all common jobs completed when doing a spring clean. However, it is not only windows and drawers that can be given a spring makeover, but your walls and ceilings too. The main living areas of the home include the kitchen, dining room and lounge room and a new paint colour in these areas can transform them ready for summer.   

With an abundance of colour options available, when it comes to choosing the right colour to paint your living area, you are spoilt for choice. Need colour advice? Read on to learn about 5 popular colour choices including:

  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Brown
  • White


Lighter shades of blue can add a sense of calm and tranquillity and help a room appear larger. Deeper shades of blue, such as navy, are popular to create a stylish feature wall.  


Grey toned colours are the ideal way to add style and sophistication to your living area. A silver toned light grey will help to brighten up a space while a darker grey, such as charcoal, can be used for trims or to create a focal point.


Shades of green can help to create a sense of nature and promote a feeling of calm and peace to a living area. A light shade of green can help to make an area appear larger and olive toned shades of green represent peace.


beautifully painted roomA welcoming and inviting feeling can be achieved by using tones of brown. The warmth in different shades of brown make them a popular choice for living areas.


White walls are a great choice to give a clean and crisp look and feel plus brighten and enhance any natural light entering too. If choosing white, you must also decide which undertone of white you prefer. Warm tones of white appear to have more of a golden undertone and can create a homely and inviting feel. Cool tones of white have an ultra-modern look and feel.

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