What Can I Do to Give the Outside of My Home a Makeover?


Roof restoration by ROOFWEST BunburyWarm spring weather is the perfect reason to venture outside and spend time enjoying the great outdoors. Add to the enjoyment of being outdoors, not only this spring and summer but for many years to come, by giving the outside of your home a makeover. These improvements will not only allow you to stand back and admire your greatest asset but can boost your home’s street appeal and increase its value too.

What can you do to give the outside of your home a makeover? Read on to learn a few ways Roof West Roof Restoration can help including:

  • Restoring Your Roof
  • Replacing Damaged Gutters
  • Professional Painting Service

Restoring Your Roof

There are several ways to restore your roof to make it look terrific again. A high-pressure clean is a quick and cost-effective solution for a roof in need of having dirt, debris and moss removed.

A tiled roof with cracks or breaks in the mortar that holds it together, needs re-pointing. This will make your home look in top condition plus ensure your roof tiles are secure in windy weather.

Roof coating is a great way to breathe new life into a faded roof. Whether a fresh coat of the existing colour or a complete colour change, roof coating is a fully adhered, seamless roofing membrane fluid that will makeover your roof.  

Replacing Damaged Gutters 

Common damage that occurs to homes guttering includes sagging, cracks, holes and rust. This damage decreases the appearance of your homes exterior and can stop water flowing correctly, causing costly damage to the ceiling. While many people think a simple quick fix like patching up holes will suffice, this solution will only last for so long. The best way to ensure your gutters are functioning correctly and look terrific, is by having them replaced.

Finished Exterior Residential Painting Marlston Hill Bunbury by RoofWest Painting ServicesProfessional Painting Service

Whether a fresh coat of the existing paints colour or a complete colour change, painting the exterior of your home is one way to guarantee a transformation. Your homes gutters, facias, front door, letterbox and roller door can all be painted to give your home a makeover. Remember, the outside of your home is like the cover of a book and sets the stage for what’s inside.

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