What Causes Water Stains on a Ceiling?


Stained RoofWater stains are brown spots or patches on the ceiling or internal walls of your home. While the cause of these could be a plumbing problem, the most common cause is a leaking roof. While water stains may look unsightly, if water is not dripping through a roof or a roof isn’t sagging, many homeowners don’t prioritise having these stains inspected and repaired.

If you have water stains on your ceiling, now is time to have them inspected and repaired. Read on to learn a few reasons why including:

  • Winter is approaching
  • Avoid extensive repairs
  • Protect your family’s health

Winter is approaching

Autumn has settled in and winter is just a few short months away. Now is the time to have a leaking roof repaired, as once the winter rains arrive it is often too late. Water stains on your ceiling or walls means there is water pooling somewhere. If the cause of this is not identified and repaired, the winter rainfall will quickly add to the issue.

Avoid extensive repairs

Water pooling in your roof cavity can damage insulation, wiring and wood fixtures. The longer it is left, the more water accumulates. The weight of this water will cause your ceiling to sag and eventually cave in. This can be disastrous causing extensive damage to the interior of your home as not only does the ceiling need to be replaced, but walls replastered and painted, and carpets replaced too. This can result in an area of your home being unable to be accessed until fully repaired.

raining insideProtect your family’s health

If left untreated, darker brown spots can begin to appear at the site of water stains. This normally indicates mould, which can be detrimental to yours and your family’s health. When inhaled, mould spores can cause inflammation in airways, a blocked nose and respiratory issues. If left untreated, other health conditions such as asthma can be triggered too.

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