What Colour Should I Paint My Office?


White colored roomThe New Year makes the ideal time to brighten the appearance and restore the beauty of your office by having it freshly painted. Whether it be a complete colour change or a new coat of paint, a freshly painted office can boost staff morale and help create a positive first impression to customers. 

What should you consider when painting your office? The actual paint job itself is not all that’s involved. For this reason, the task of painting your office should be left to the team of professional painters at Roof West Roof Restoration. The Roof West professional painting team have the expertise and experience to assist you with colour advice to compliment your offices current lighting and furnishings plus the attributes of certain colours including:

  • White and Cream Tones
  • Yellow Tones
  • Blue Tones
  • Warm Tones

White and Cream

White is a popular option to paint offices as it helps to make an area brighter and look crisp, clean and professional. While these are all positive attributes, it’s important that your office still feels welcoming. If white or cream tones are your preference, you could consider adding features walls in a bolder colour to add some depth and warmth. Indoor plants are a great way to add some colour to an office painted all white or cream to create extra depth in different shades of green.

Yellow Tones

Yellow is known to bring joy and be a colour that promotes happiness and energy. Before deciding on a tone of yellow, it’s important to consider the size of the area being painted. A small space painted bright yellow may be overwhelming, but a large area painted the right tone of yellow can be a great way to set a positive and happy mood. If your office doesn’t provide enough natural light, yellow will help make the area feel lighter and brighter.

Blue Tones

Blue painted wallsShades of blue are normally considered to have a positive impact on the mind and body. A lighter shade of blue can help a small office space appear bigger while blue also makes a good choice to use for feature walls or staff or meeting rooms.  

Warm Tones

Warm tones include shades of browns, tans and beige. As these colours represent nature, they are a popular choice if you would like to bring a sense of nature indoors. To ensure warm tones don’t look dull or bland, they can be used with different finishes such as gloss.

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