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What is a Roof Restoration?


roof restoration in AustralindYou may have heard the term roof restoration before and wondered what it is? A roof restoration transforms your roof by repairing damages then using a roofing membrane on the surface for protection and to make your roof aesthetically pleasing.

If you haven’t had your roof restored in the last 10 years, it may be time to consider a roof restoration. After all, a roof is constantly exposed to mother nature. From the extreme sun of summer to the squalls and storms in winter, the weather plus wear and tear will impact your roof over time.

Read on to learn more about what is involved in a roof restoration including:

  • Roof restoration on a metal roof
  • Roof restoration on a tiled roof
  • A roof restoration should be completed by a professional

Roof restoration on a metal roof

Most newly built homes have metal roofs. Over time, corrosion can set in and quickly spread on a tin roof. During a roof restoration on a metal roof, products are applied to help prevent corrosion spreading and damaged or rusty roof screws and fittings are also replaced to maintain the roofs quality and function. A metal roof is also high pressure cleaned to remove dirt and stains. A roof restoration also involves applying two coats of Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrane to the roofs surface to provide the ultimate protection, durability and protection for your metal roof.

Roof restoration on a tiled roof

Many established and older homes have a tiled roof. A tiled roof is restored in a similar way to a metal roof where a thorough inspection is performed and any broken or cracks in roof tiles are repaired and missing roof tiles replaced. A tiled roof is re-pointed using ridge capping and a flexible acrylic pointing mix.

roofing by Roofwest in AustralindRoof tiles are high pressure cleaned using a high-pressure before having a double coat of Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrane applied to the entire surface. Prior to application, the entire roof area is sealed to ensure a strong adhesion.

A roof restoration should be completed by a professional

While you may fancy yourself as a DIY professional, roof restoration is a job best left to a professional. Not only is working on a roof dangerous work, but professionals also have the expertise and experience to ensure this process is done safely while being environmentally conscious. A professional can also offer expert advice on what colour choices for your roof restoration.

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