What Is A Successful Roof Coating?


Roof Coating applications is an added protection, to extend the life and durability of your homes roof.

Weather beats down on the surface of the roof 24 hours a day so having this protection will certainly give you peace of mind for your asset.

When new roof constructions have been done or your roof is showing the years by looking faded then having a Roof Coating applied is definitely money well spent.

Protection elements from the Ultra violet rays is a big positive and reflecting the rays is an environmental benefit too.

Being an owner of a home or business, depending on the years of the roof surface you, may need to make the decision on either replacing or coating.

Successful Applications of Roof Coatings

  • Spray Applications
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Storage of product
  • Maintenance
  • Traffic

Spray Applications

If the person applying the coating is not experienced enough to know the equipment and how to apply the coating to the surface this could lead to future problems. All applications need to be applied to the manufacturers specifications for the best results.

Environment Conditions

Tiles-applying second topcoat 1

A roofing specialist will know the right temperature for the application of the product for the roof surface. Knowledge about locations such as coastal environments need to also be taken into account due to salt contamination to the surface over time. If buildings are near construction sights that might expel contaminations this too needs to be given some thought.

Storage of Product

If product is not stored correctly this can cause moisture trigger reactions in the container before it needs to be used as Roof coatings are formulated for different weather conditions.


When the coating is applied a Roofing specialist will give you their guarantee of the job that has been done as they back and know the duration of the product they are using and this too is guaranteed from the manufacturer.


Installs of antennas, solar systems, satellites and any traffic to the Roof surface gives added pressure to the surface. Before works of any kind happen ask the companies to be mindful of where to walk or place objects when working there.

When It Comes to Specialised Roofing Expertise

ROOFWEST Roof Restoration have over 35 years’ experience and knowledge when it comes to your Roof they have the professional Roof Coaters to protect your asset.

Contact Tom at ROOFWEST on 9795 9990.

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