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What is Roof Maintenance and Why is it Important?


Rusty roofWeather is a powerful force when it comes to your roof. During summer your roof is exposed to extreme temperatures while during winter it’s exposed to rain, storms and strong winds. For this reason, maintaining your roof is imperative. Roof maintenance involves a thorough inspection of your roof and repairing any damage, leaving your roof in the best condition possible. Did you know? Maintaining your roof can save you money in the long term. How? A roof inspection can identify any issues allowing you to have them repaired before the damage becomes more extensive. 

When it comes to roof maintenance it is best to entrust the services of Tom and the team at RoofWest Roof Restorations. Tom and his team have extensive knowledge and experience in inspecting and repairing both tiled and tin roofs. While roof maintenance is definitely a job best left to the professionals, there are things you can do to help protect your roof, keeping it in the best condition possible including:

  • Maintain trees around your home
  • Keep gutters clean
  • Don’t delay having leaks repaired

Maintain trees around your home

While trees around your home are beautiful, it is encouraged to keep them maintained. During winter, strong winds and storms can cause tree branches to snap and fall or whole trees to uproot and fall onto your roof. If you have trees on your property that have overgrown, are extremely high or have died it is encouraged to have them trimmed or removed to help eliminate the risk of them falling and damaging your roof.

Keep gutters clean

Gutters by ROOFWESTThe function of your gutters is to drain rainfall from your roof and stop it getting into your home. Gutters become home to dirt, sand, debris and leaves and for this reason they should be kept clean.  Regularly cleaning your gutters allows rainfall to drain quickly and efficiently away from your home.

Don’t delay having leaks repaired

A few drips of water from your ceiling when it rains is normal right? Wrong! Many homeowners don’t prioritise having a leaking roof repaired and then when spring and summer arrive, forget about it all together. A leaking roof, even if it is the occasion drip, means there is damage. Calling the RoofWest Roof Restoration team at the first sign of a leak is the best way to ensure your roof is kept well maintained.

ROOFWEST Roof Restoration – your roofing specialist in the South West

ROOFWEST Roof Restoration is your reputable, local roofing specialist offering residential and commercial roof restoration and repairs throughout the South West and Great Southern Regions.

Contact ROOFWEST Roof Restoration for a FREE appraisal and quote. They provide services in repairing and restoring roofs and inspecting guttering too.

Call Tom and the team today on 9795 9990.

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