What is Roof Re-pointing?


Old tiles - re pointingHave you heard the term roof re-pointing, but unsure what it means? A fundamental structure of your tiled roof is the pointing. To repoint a roof is to fix cracks or breaks in the mortar giving added strength and structure. A traditional way of repointing tiles would be using a cement mortar however, today a flexible and durable compound is used. As it is flexible, the compound doesn’t crack with the natural expansion and contraction of your roof. This helps to safeguard your roof, protect your home and helps to ensure your roof functions correctly.

Read on to learn more about roof re-pointing including:

  • How do I know my roof needs re-pointing?
  • Why should I have my roof re-pointed?
  • How often should I have my roof re-pointed?

How do I know my roof needs re-pointing?

Roofs ridges, hips and rakes that are crumbling, have mortar cracks or break up are strong indicators a roof needs re-pointing. If you are unsure if your needs re-pointing, it is best to hire the services of a professional to do a thorough roof inspection.

Why should I have my roof re-pointed?

Delaying having a roof re-pointed can lead to costly and extensive damage. A roof in need of re-pointing makes it easy for water to enter. The result can be mould and damage to the internal structures, wiring and insultation in your roof cavity.

Re Pointing by ROOFWEST BunburyA roof in need or re-pointing will have loose roof tiles. This can be a safety hazard especially in strong winds if the tiles were to blow off your roof.

How often should I have my roof re-pointed?

If your tiled roof hasn’t been re-pointed for 10 years or more, it is recommended to have it professionally inspected to assess if it is need of re-pointing. While your roofs pointing may appear to be intact from the ground, on closer inspection you may discover there are cracks, breaks and general wear and tear.

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