What Is the Difference Between Roof Restoration or Roof Coatings?


Rusty RoofWhen it comes to roof maintenance it is best not to ignore any fixtures to the roof surface that is needing to be done, gutters needing attention from being clogged up or water pouring over the edge due to being blocked or downpipes not working correctly, cracks in tiles or lifting of sheeting, what ever the problem might be, your option to have a Roofing specialist come and assess the problem can be the difference between fixing the roof surface or getting a protective coating applied that will add more years to your roof’s life. Differentiating between the two options would be restoration work needs fixtures done to the roof surface prior to a protective coating then being added. With a Roof Coating your Roof surface still gets assessed for any fixtures needing to be done but usually it is just be looking faded, tired and withered due to weather elements and needs to be brightened up.

How to Prepare for A Roof Restoration or Coating

  • Your Budget
  • Book an Appointment
  • Get a Quote
  • Works to be done

Your budget

It is a good idea to think of a budget you are prepared to spend when it comes to your Roof work. If tiles, sheeting, gutters or downpipes need to be replaced keep in mind these are costs that will be included in the quote.

Book an Appointment

Tiles second topcoat closeupWhen you know you have an approximate budget contact a Roofing specialist to ensure the work is done right the first time with a given guarantee that comes if additional works needed to be done, this all helps with the peace of mind that you are getting professional service for your dollar being spent.

Get a Quote

When your given a quote the Roofing specialist would have considered any fixtures and fittings to the Roof surface that needs to be done prior to any final coatings that will give the finishing touch to your new look roof.

Works to be Done

Before works are done ask as many questions as possible about council approvals, guarantees and any workmanship you would like to know beforehand. When you are dealing with a professional Roofing specialist all these questions should be answered with no problems, giving you added protection for your asset.

Who is The Professional Roofing Specialist I Should Call?

ROOFWEST Roof Restoration services have been in the industry for over 35 years, giving you a free quote, to organising council approvals with a guarantee and service like no other. Contact Tom and team on 9795 9990.

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